K O Investment Company Limited
About our services and our preferred clientele


At K O Investment Company Limited we pride ourselves on not just our skills and experience but our comprehensive range of financial services as well. Our track record includes successful transactions in the FMCG, agri-processing, mobile media, real estate, mining and healthcare sectors from Ghana to Zimbabwe and South Africa.


Services offered by K O Investment Company Limited

Capital raising

Transaction structuring advice across the capital structure

Investor and marketing strategy advice

Financial modelling and preparation of marketing materials

Due diligence preparation

Private placement of equity and/or debt

Negotiation and closing

Buy-side origination

Qualification and securing of investment opportunities on behalf of clients

Utilising established partner and referral network

In-country associates and partners

Bespoke transaction execution

Transaction project management

Commercial due diligence

Financial modelling

Capital introduction

Co-investment partners


Club deals

Discreet targeted or broad market sweep

Our preferred client profile

We prefer to work with clients whom we can qualify through our network and have a proven track record. We take time to get to know our clients and our aim is always to be long-term advisors and providers of trade and finance opportunities who can support them through the life cycle of the business. Our typical clients will have:

  • Significant operational exposure to Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Experienced, passionate and driven management team
  • Proven products and services with identifiable competitive advantages
  • Operating in high-growth sectors and countries
  • Transactions sizes of USD 5m and over
  • Strong revenue growth year-on-year
  • At or near EBITDA profitability
  • Clearly defined growth plans and forecasts
  • Reasonable transaction expectations of owners and management

If you are unsure as to whether you fit the profile please do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your needs.

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